Family Communication

Written communication between the Center and the parent will be ongoing either in family mailboxes or bulletin boards. Announcements and general information will be posted on the family’ bulletin board in the entry way or on the entrance doors. Specific information about each classroom will be posted in their rooms. Class notices about activities, projects, themes, and other information will be provided periodically.

Daily communication between families and staff should occur in the morning at arrival and at departure. Teachers of infants, share daily information on a Daily Information Form, which is put in the family mailbox. Teachers of Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School Agers share information about the day on communication board located near the entrance of the classroom. These tools are not intended to replace communication with the staff in the morning or afternoon. Family/teacher conferences are offered in the fall and the spring each year. The Center uses “The Creative Curriculum” developmental continuum objectives and assessment approach. In addition to the scheduled times, conferences may be requested any time of the year with staff or the Director. Family Conferences are an important time to better understand your child and gain insights into your hopes and concerns. We will try to be flexible with the scheduling of conferences so that all may participate.

Visiting the site

Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit with their children anytime. If possible, we ask that parents/guardian try not to visit during particular times which may be disruptive to the program and/or the child (such as rest time). We believe that family visits can enhance the program by promoting continuity and communication between the Center and the home.