3 to 5 yearsChildren Playing with Water

Children in the Pre-School Program range in age from 3 years old to 5 years old.  The children are grouped according to age and developmental levels.  The ratio of adult to child varies from 1:7 to 1:8 depending on age and group size.  There are two preschool classes based on the developmental abilities and ages of the children.  Each group has a teacher and assistant teacher.  There is a 3rd assistant teacher who works with both preschool programs depending on the needs of the group.


  • There must be an opening available in the Preschool Room.
  • Child must be within two or three months of 3 years old

Transition to Pre-School

  • The Toddler Room teacher discusses with parent the child’s readiness.
  • Toddler Teacher will informally introduce Preschool Teacher to toddler’s parent(s).
  • A meeting between Preschool Teacher and child’s parents will be arranged.
  • The Preschool Teacher will visit the toddler in the Toddler Room.
  • Toddler Teacher will visit the Preschool Room with the child on first day of transition.
  • The child visits the Preschool Room without Toddler Teacher and stays in Preschool Room for as long as he/she is comfortable on second day of transition
  • On the third day of transitioning, the child will spend the entire day in the Preschool Room.
  • Transitioning from the Toddler Room to the Preschool Room will take approximately three days.