Mission & Philosophy


The mission of the Delhi Campus Child Care Center Inc. is to provide quality child care for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years, in conjunction with educational experiences which support parents/guardians pursuing education, employment, or personal endeavors.  This support includes providing resources and referrals to child and family services available in the community.


The Delhi Campus Child Care Center Inc.(DC4) believes that each child is an individual with a variety needs, abilities and backgrounds.  The program encourages and supports each child to grow to their fullest potential in all areas of development (social, intellectual, emotional and physical). Each child is provided opportunities to discover and explore other people’s cultures and backgrounds while learning to accept and respect each other’s differences.  These opportunities are important and essential in order for children to grow to be healthy, positive and caring people in a diverse society.  We believe that self-esteem is the foundation for each child’s successes or failures. DC4 can play an important role in the positive development of your child’s self esteem.  This is accomplished by treating each child respectfully, allowing each child to express their opinions and views in a safe and supportive environment, and regularly acknowledging appreciation for the child’s thoughts, ideas and actions.

Children find fulfillment through play as they prepare themselves for adulthood. Play is each child’s “work”.  It is our responsibility to challenge each child through play, as they are developmentally ready.