• Each infant’s diaper is changed before the child is put to sleep.
  • Children are placed on their backs to sleep.
  • No child will be put in a crib with a bottle or a stuffed toy, or other soft items.
  • Each infant’s schedule for sleep may be different, therefore; we are flexible.
  • Each infant’s method of going to sleep may be different. Some children have a pacifier for naptimes. Many children enjoy being rocked to sleep; others enjoy having their heads stroked. Sometimes a story or soft music will help the infant to wind down.
  • Each infant has his/her own labeled crib. Sheets are removed weekly and when soiled.
  • Upon waking, some children need some extra time being held to wake up. The child is cuddled which gives that child the extra time needed.
  • After nap, the infant’s diaper is checked, then the infant is ready to play.