Health & Cleanliness


  • At the diapering area, all the supplies needed for diapering a child (diapers, wipes, creams, etc.) are available and labeled with the child’s name. All supplies, except gloves, are provided by parent/guardian.
  • Disposable gloves are used for all changing of diapers.
  • The Infant Room staff follows these guidelines when diapering:
    • When a child has soiled his/her clothes, they are wrapped in a plastic bag and put in a cabinet out of the children’s reach. The clothing is given to the parent/guardian at pick up time . The infant is then dressed in their extra change of clothes.
    • Infants are changed as necessary; in addition, all infants are checked every two hours as well as after eating, before and after naps, and before they depart for the day.
    • All information pertaining to bowel movements, etc., is noted on each infant’s Daily Information Sheet.

Hand Washing

The Infant Room staff use the following guidelines in hand washing.

Adults wash their hands:

  • Upon entering the Infant Room
  • After diapering, nose blowing, before preparing any food, and before and after giving medication
  • Before holding infants 3 months or younger

Children hands are washed:

  • Wash as frequently as possible, since they spend much time on the floor
  • Before and after receiving medications
  • Before and after meals
  • After diapering; wipes may also be used at diaper changing
  • After playing outside
  • Before playing in water table
  • Before leaving

Toy Sterilization

  • Toys in the Infant Room are sanitized daily and throughout the day as children use them.
  • At the end of each day all the toys are washed, rinsed in a solution of  sanitizer and allowed to air dry.
  • All the equipment that cannot be washed is sprayed or wiped with  sanitizer and allowed to air dry.
  • At least once a week the stuffed animals and puppets are machine washed.