Active indoor and outdoor play is a regular part of the school day. Children are to be dressed in clothing that is suitable for running, climbing and other vigorous activities, and is appropriate for the weather. Because the children work with paint, clay, and other creative materials, the clothing they wear should be washable. A complete change of clothing is essential. Some young children sometimes have frequent accidents, please bring in several changes of underpants and pants for your child.

Sneakers or shoes with rubber or gum soles are recommended. (Clogs, sandals and water shoes are not suitable because of the safety hazard they present.)
Each child needs a backpack or bag (not plastic) for their clothing.

All clothing and items worn or brought into the Center should be labeled with the child’s name. If clothing or items come in that is not labeled, the Center reserves the right to label them.

Preschoolers will be going outside everyday, weather permitting. Please be sure your child has proper outside wear – i.e. coat, hat, mittens, boots, and snow pants.