The nutrition program at Delhi Campus Child Care Center, Inc.:

  • provides 75% of each child’s daily food requirement instead of CACFP’s (Child and Adult Care Food Program) recommended 66%.
  • provides fresh fruit and vegetables regularly
  • expands children’s food experiences by providing a variety of fruits, vegetables and ethnic foods regularly, as well as other foods that may not be experienced at home.
  • provides a protein component occasionally at breakfast and snack. (CACFP only requires a protein component at lunch.)
  • limits fruit juice to no more than once daily providing milk and water instead of juice
  • provides a more nutritious and filling snack than CACFP’s requirements
  • helps to assure families that their children are receiving nutritious meals

The Center’s Food Service Worker plans and prepares breakfast, lunch and snack. Menus are distributed in the family mailboxes and weekly menus are posted in each room with any changes in as they occur. According to CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) guidelines, all children are encouraged to try all menu items, however, no child is forced to eat or punished because they chooses not to eat. All meals are served family style and at approximately the following times:

Infant Room – Depends on child’s feeding schedule. Infants over 12 months: Breakfast: 8:30, Lunch: 10:45, Snack: 1:30

Toddler Room – Breakfast: 8:30, Lunch: 11, Snack: 2:30

Pre-School Room – Breakfast: 8:30, Lunch: 11:45, Snack: 3:00

School Age Program – Breakfast: 8:30 (full days), Lunch: 12 (full days), Snack: 3:00

*Any food allergies or religious preferences should be reported to the Director and documented writing on the Emergency Card or by the health provider on that form.

According to State Regulation 418.12 “Food preferences for personal, religious or medical reasons may be accommodated. If the resultant meal patterns or serving sizes will not meet the child’s nutritional needs, a medical statement must be obtained documenting the appropriateness of the variation.”

Special Foods from Home

According the NYS Department of Health, any food brought to the Center must be in the original container from the store or bakery. This prohibits home baked or home made items.

DC4 is a Nut Free Facility 

The Nutrition Program is funded by CACFP (Child and Adult Food Program).